Comcast Coerced by the Federal Government to Redistribute the Wealth of its Subscribers

Submitted by Andy Bridge on

When Comcast entered into an agreement to purchase a controlling interest in NBC Universal from GE they not only had to reach a deal with GE, they also had to reach a deal with the Obama administration. Does anyone remember before his election then candidate Obama promised that he would “fundamentally transform America”?

We can all see some of the results of this transformation such as Obamacare, the increased size of government and stimulus programs that have increased the debt of future generations. But there are other, hidden and disguised methods of transforming America that are insidiously buried and out of sight. One of these is now manifesting itself in the federally approved deal allowing Comcast to purchase control of NBC Universal.

In the Boston Globe there is an article detailing how Comcast is going to be providing low cost computers and discounted internet service to over 2 million low income people nationwide. You can read about it here:

The main feature of this program allows qualified people to purchase a computer at a discounted price of $150, receive a free modem and also get Internet service from Comcast for only $9.95 per month. The entire program, the article says, is entirely funded by the company.

The one detail that the article fails to mention, however, is that this program was one of the conditions that the FCC placed upon Comcast in order to win government approval of the purchase.

And who ends up paying for these discounted services for 2.5 million people? Why all of the Comcast subscribers who pay full price of course. So the Federal government is requiring Comcast to take money from people who have earned it and give it to people who have not earned it. This is the definition of the redistribution of wealth.

Its one thing when the government openly redistributes your wealth. It’s quite another thing when they do it and you don’t even know it.