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God Erlang
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Watch God Erlang (2020) : Full Movie Online Free Yang Jian split the mountain to save his mother, but was fined to guard Tianji Pavilion to protect the ancient god Dzi. One day, the hooded demon who looked at Dzizhu tiger for the sake of seizing Dzizhu and Yang Jian fought in the Tianji Pavilion, causing Dzizhu to leave the world. Yang Jian went down with Xuan Tiangou for Xun Tianzhu, met the sister Yao and her daughter Huier in Lingshan Village, but accidentally discovered that Yao sister hid Dzi in Huier to help her daughter survive. On one side is the mission of the priest, on the other side it is about human life. Just as Yang Jian hesitated, the masked demon attacked again. During the two-man battle, Yang Jian accidentally discovered that the masked demon turned out to be the magic mirror of Fuyao's magical collision. In order to save Cang Sheng, Yang Jian finally summoned Sky Eye and started a desperate fight with the Mirror Demon.

Title God Erlang
Release Date Apr 10, 2020
Genres Action, Adventure,
Production Company
Production Countries China
Casts Chan Ho-Man, King-Tan Yuen, Kong King, Yanni Zhang
Chan Ho-Man
King-Tan Yuen
Kong King
Yanni Zhang
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